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You can start using Proj4me for free for 14 days right now and count on our VIP support right now. After that, to continue using Proj4me with all its features, you will need to sign one of our plans. A second option is to continue using Proj4me for free and with up to 15 users, however, with a reduced set of features, ideal for students and freelancers.

It has no mysteries. After the trial period, Proj4me will ask you if you want to subscribe to one of our plans or continue using the system for free. If you want to continue using it for free, you can register up to 15 users and use a reduced set of features. If you have a StartUP in an embryonic stage, are self-employed or simply want to manage your personal projects on Proj4me, the free plan may be perfect for you.

Yes, you can invite your entire team to join your evaluation of Proj4me. Just click on the “+” button at the top of the screen and quickly invite whoever you want.

We accept the main payment methods:

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In the 1 year subscription, you will have 10% discount.

Any of the two. We have clients from small offices to multinationals. Even individual users who use our system to manage their personal projects.

If, in your case, it is a company with more than 100 employees, then contact us at, as we have special benefits for larger companies.

Support and relationship with our customers are our priority N ° 01 and that is why companies in IT, Consulting, Architecture, Engineering, Marketing, Events, Churches and many others love to use Proj4me.

We are developing the best and most innovative project management system in the world, so your feedback will be carefully heard, as well as you will have frequent surprises with the various improvements and news published periodically in Proj4me, always adding a lot of value and bringing more efficiency to the project. day by day of our clients’ team.

Yes. We will be happy to talk to you, evaluate your case and offer you a promotional plan.

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