Our mission is to democratize project management

We have developed a unique solution, designed for small teams, so that it can plan and manage projects in a simple, intuitive and very visual way. We enable the organization to standardize the flows of its projects, bringing fluidity and better results. The affordable value and immediate results that Proj4me provides, even without the company needing to hire a specialist, a consultancy or some training, makes Proj4me an irrefutable proposal.

Proj4me: Simple, Intuitive and Visual!

Achieve the best results in project management in an extremely simple way. Join us!

Successful project management should not be the exception, but the rule. Count on a motivated team, who meet deadlines and deliver with the quality you promised should not be something rare, but part of your company’s day to day.

We understand your business and know the questions you want to answer on a daily basis for project management. That’s why we work hard so that you have the ready and visual answer for each one, just a click away:

Who is performing a specific task? When will it be delivered? Which tasks are overdue? What do we have to deliver this week? How many hours were spent for a given project or client? What tasks need to be completed to deliver the first stage of the project? Who on my team is available to start a new project next week? How does a specific team work specifically on the project? How does a specific employee perform on the project?

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Our mission

Allow the small company to develop their projects in a professional way as it is, without the need to hire a specialist, consultancy or any previous experience with project management.


Our values

We are founded on 3 pillars: Responsibility to be sensitive to the needs of our audience and solve them in a system that is always simple, intuitive and visual; Transparency in the relationship with our customers, receiving feedbacks and sharing our next steps; Innovation to develop a unique and special product, which allows non-specialists to develop projects professionally.

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To be internationally recognized as “The” small business project management system.


About Proj4me

Simplicity, friendship, companionship and commitment. Proj4me is formed by people who have a common dream: to help other people to achieve their goals through a better path.

Here people are worth more than money or status. A team formed by people of great capacity, who think together and live in an environment where:

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They trust Proj4me as the ideal solution to manage their projects and teams. Support and close customer relationship have top priority at Proj4me.